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At our Portland Oregon facility a fully staffed and modern machine shop can weld, machine and rebuild all metal and non-metal pumps and pump parts to help assist you in meeting your timeline needs. Our pump repair shop can also pull replacement parts from our large inventory system helping you get your pump back into production. Some of our repair and service specialties include:


  • Emergency Service and Support
  • Pickup and delivery
  • Impeller restorations
  • Volute repairs
  • Shaft manufacturing
  • Rapid parts locating and delivery
  • Impeller balance and trimming
  • Seal rebuilding and replacement


PORTLAND, OR 503-288-5011

SEATTLE, WA : 253-931-8057

TOLL FREE: 800-242-5011

Emergency Service: 503-659-6520 or 503-803-5655











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