Spare Parts Inventory | imageDelta Industries Inc. carries one of the largest spare-parts inventories of any pump service and repair facility on the west coast. If you couple that with our top notch machine shop and repair specialties, and our ability to make or restore parts and seals, we will have your part, no matter how off-beat or obsolete you might think it is.


  • Authorized O.E.M. Parts Factory Direct
  • Local O.E.M. Parts stocked in Portland Oregon
  • If we don’t have the parts in our inventory we will find it.
  • Competitive bidding for your parts business is what we do.
  • Let us help you reduce your storeroom inventory of pump parts.
  • 38 years in business and we know where to find it. 


Large Spare Parts Inventory at Delta Industries Inc. | imageWe want to be your #1 pump parts provider so we are ready to quote the best prices on pump parts in the Pacific Northwest. We are here ready to serve you and your company so gives us a try. We look forward to hearing from you soon!


PORTLAND, OR 503-288-5011

SEATTLE, WA : 253-931-8057

TOLL FREE: 800-242-5011

Emergency Service: 503-659-6520 or 503-803-5655

EMail Us Your Needs, questions or quotation requests.






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